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Bishop C. André Crouch and Pastor Marsha Crouch

In August of the same year, God opened the door for GOPM to hold Sunday morning worship services in Crossland High School’s Multi-Purpose room in Temple Hills, Maryland.  As Bishop Crouch and Pastor Crouch were diligent in their labor in the ministry, God began to add to the ministry and GOPM continued to worship at this location for the next fourteen months.


After much prayer, fasting, and confidence in God, another door opened for the ministry to move into a more private space — 6311-B Allentown Road — and it was at this location that God proved Himself even more.  True to His nature, God’s faithfulness continued as He increased and blessed the ministry with dedicated men, women, and youth who availed themselves to the vision that God had given Bishop and Pastor Crouch.  Within a few short years, the church’s growth necessitated a move to an even larger space at 8539 Ashwood Drive, Capitol Heights, Maryland. 

By “Envisioning the Impossible and Accepting the Incredible,” GOPM took yet another leap of faith in September 2011.  Continuing to take God at His word, Garment of Praise Ministries is now worshipping in our new home located at 1420 Ritchie-Marlboro Road, Capitol Heights, Maryland.

Referred to as a “Healing Station Where God’s People are Being Delivered and Set Free,” GOPM continues to grow and touch the lives of many.  Because Bishop and Pastor Crouch are committed to helping people experience the love, power, and presence of God, they are provoking people into an intimate relationship with God. Through their diligence and dedication, many people have come to understand the importance of complete submission to God, thereby, experiencing the abundance of life in Him.

our Leadership:
Pastor Terri Douglas

(Director of Finance)

Pastor Tina Dunlap


Elder-Elect Erika Tillery

(Church Administrator)

Elder-Elect Rita Gerald

(Children's Minister)

Elder-Elect Simone Newman

(Director of Ushers and Hospitality)

oF Praise Ministries




1420 Ritchie Spur Road #B3

Capitol Heights, MD  20743

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